SVG Replacement with Modernizr

Here is some simple [jQuery][1] to use alongside [Modernizr][2] to replace IMG tag src file extensions from SVG to PNG. You’ll need to drop in a png copy of the image with the same name in the same directory as the SVG file.

Bootstrap Validator with jQuery UI Datepicker

If you use [Bootstrap][1] as a front-end framework, [Bootstrap Validator][2] is a good looking, extensible form validation plug-in. One issue that I come across quite frequently is hooking up a jQuery UI Datepicker field in live or real time. It seems like the bootstrap validator validates based on keyUp or onchange events. A jQuery UI datepicker field doesn’t get reevaluated when a user selects a new date from the picker.

Why the “Fold” is a Myth

The issue isn’t whether the call to action is visible when your prospect first arrives. The issue is whether your call to action is visible at the point where your prospect has become convinced to take action.

Fixing 403 Errors on Plesk (Specifically for Piwik)

403 Errors are almost always related to permissions errors. These permissions errors can stem from 3 permission levels: file, owner and group. Permissions errors can cause trouble a lot of different ways.

Test if your Website is Secured from Heartbleed

[Filippo Valsorda][1] created an excellent tool “in a frenzy” to check if your website or application is secured against “Heartbleed Bug” vulnerable OpenSSL installs.